Terms and Conditions

How to book a course

To secure a place on an Edinburgh Experience course, please email info@theedinburghexperience.com or apply via our website www.theedinburghexperience.com

Once space is confirmed payment must be given for the month in advance in order to confirm the booking. If payment is not received, the booking cannot be guaranteed and may result in the loss of the booking. New students MUST complete a booking form before starting a course.

Payment of fees

Academic Year

Payment must be settled in full by the first class of the month, or by the end of the first week if paying by bank transfer. A month is defined by a 4-week period decided by the school, not a calendar month. Once we receive payment students will be sent a receipt with the total amount. Fees can be paid via bank transfer, credit card or cash. PLEASE NOTE: students will not be allowed to start their course unless FULL PAYMENT has been received by the School. All bank charges must be paid by the student. During their first month students pay a £10 matriculation fee. Monthly fees CANNOT be split. Proportional payments are only allowed during a student’s first month.

There is the option to pay for courses weekly, which is £35 per week for part time courses, and £70 for full time courses. The school may allow the option of payment for half a month on the condition that the following month is paid in advance.

Intensive Courses

Payment must be settled in full 6 weeks before the start of the course, including accommodation fees. All bank charges must be paid by the student. There will be a £10 matriculation fee on all courses, and a £5 transaction fee for international bank payments. Payments may be split to help a student cover the costs at the discretion of the school, however the school is under no obligation whatsoever to do so. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed until full payment has been received

There will be a £10 matriculation fee applied to all students. Returning students will not be charged this fee.

Conditions for cancelling or changing a course by the Student

For academic year courses

If the student does not intend to continue with the course, they must give minimum 2 weeks’ notice in writing via email to info@theedinburghexperience.com. If they do not, they will be charged a £50 cancellation fee for part time courses, and £85 for full time courses. Students are however permitted to attend four classes for part time courses and 8 classes for full time courses in the first two weeks of the month. They may only attend the class they were enrolled in.

For intensive courses and summer students

Cancellations must be put in writing via email, and are only valid once the school has replied in writing via email. Deposits are un-refundable. If the student cancels the course 6 weeks before the start date, the student may receive 50% of their fees and accommodation, minus their deposit. If the course is cancelled at any point 6 weeks before the start date of the course, no refunds are available for either course or accommodation.

For all courses and students

  • Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance, absence due to illness or any other cause.
  • Students who choose to exchange their original choice of course for one of greater value must pay the difference between the two at the time of requesting the upgrade.
  • Should a student decide to contract any private classes these must be paid for at the time of requesting them.
  • Any refund due when a course is changed or cancelled will be paid to the person who paid for the student’s course at his/her home address at the end of the course. ‘End of the course’ here is defined as the last date of the course specified on the booking form.
  • If a student is denied a student visa or a study permit and provides the School with a copy of the rejection letter the school will charge for half of the course.

Making Up Missed Classes

  • The Edinburgh Experience offers a very generous policy to make up missed classes, however they must meet the following criteria.
    Students can make up missed lessons up to two weeks of the following month. For instance, if a class is missed in May, the student has up to the second week of June to come to class (the second week of the month is defined by the school’s calendar).
  • Students may only make up missed classes in the following month if they are still enrolled in the school. For example, should a student choose to leave the school at the end of May, then they are only able to make up lessons until the last week of May.
  • Students must email the school at info@theedinburghexperience.com 24 hours in advance to make up a missed in class in order for the administrative team to confirm via email that they can attend.

Exam courses

Our part time exam preparation courses run on 6 month cycles. Students are welcome to join any ongoing course, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cover all aspects of the exam in less than 6 months. Fulltime courses operate on 3 month cycles. The school does not matriculate students for exams, nor is it responsible for students’ decision to present or their final mark. The school will only advise students on whether we believe they are ready to present. There is the option of taking a mock exam at a fixed fee of £10 per mock exam.

Supplementary classes, Tutorials and online materials

The School offers access to the Online Unlimited course and Google Classroom self-study classes to students matriculated in part time and full time courses. Students are also entitled to a half hour tutorial a month and a study skills class if offered. These are added optional extras and are not included in the course fees. If students cannot attend these classes, they cannot be made up in other class times and no reduction in fees is available. Students studying one day a week do not have access to these benefits. The school reserves the right to cancel any of these supplementary class hours as it sees fit, and any cancellations cannot be recuperated by students.


The school offers the following discounts under the following terms

Join with a friend discount

If a student joins with a friend, both parties will receive £10 off in their first month ONLY. Students to do not need to enrol in the same course, however they do need to enrol at the same time.

Recommend a friend discount

If a student recommends someone who enrols in the school, they will receive £10 off the following month’s course fees, provided the friend has enrolled. New students do not receive any discount with this offer. Only one discount per month will be applied regardless of how many students are recommended.

Change or Cancellation of a course by the School

Sometimes it is agreed between the School and a student that it would be beneficial for the student to be moved to another School course. When this happens only a course of at least equivalent cost will be offered by the School.

The School reserves the right to cancel a course, or make changes to course arrangements, without liability, if forced to do so for reasons beyond its control. If this were to happen, the School would seek to offer alternative arrangements, dates or venues.

  • If the School cancelled a course booked and paid for by a student in accordance with these terms other than for reasons beyond its control, and did not offer an alternative acceptable to the student, the School would pay compensation as follows:
  • Where the cancellation is before the start of the course, compensation equal to the deposit paid by the student, or…
  • Where the cancellation is after the start of the course, compensation equal to one week’s fees
  • Should course dates change, the School is not liable for any travel fares or charges incurred through changing travel dates.
    The school will give 1 week’s notice if they have to close a course due to lack of numbers.

The school has a class cancellation policy that should no students be in the lesson 20 minutes after the lesson is scheduled to begin and the school has received no message that students are late, the class will be cancelled. Students will be allowed to make up a cancelled lesson in another timetable.


During months in which there are holidays scheduled, the price of the course remains the same. The school may decide to offer extra lessons to make up for classes lost due to holidays. However, this is entirely up to the discretion of the school and the school is under no obligation to do so.

Liability and Insurance

Students should make sure that they organise their own travel insurance to cover medical costs and repatriation costs in the case of an illness or accident. The School acts only as an intermediary between its students and travel organisations and between students and host families and student residences. Unless and to the extent caused by the School’s negligence, the School cannot be held responsible for any delay or accident during a journey nor for any incident which may happen during the student’s stay with the homestay host. The School will, however, endeavour to defend the student’s interests in the event of breach of contract on the part of the travel organisation or the host family or student residence.

The School is not responsible for any accident or robbery on school grounds or during class visits. The School will only cover entrance prices for scheduled visits outlined in the course programme. Any travel or food expenses incurred during the class visits are the responsibility of the student. Any activities out with of the programmed events are at an extra cost to the student.

The School reserves the right not to allow on the course a student suffering from any illness, medical condition, or mental or physical disability which has not been disclosed on the Enrolment Form. This document, issued by the School, gives the only terms and information that can be referred to in the event of a disagreement between the student and the School. These terms and conditions are governed by Scottish law and do not affect your statutory rights under Scottish law.

Personal Information and Photographs

We use the personal information that you give us, including information about your health and religious or dietary requirements, to perform our contract with you. We may also use it to ensure that we comply with UK law. We do not share your details with third parties other than as necessary to perform our contract with you.

The information you give us is kept securely on our computer system and is accessible by the schools and offices in the group of companies to which the School belongs, including those outside the European Union. By completing our booking form, you give your consent to us using your data in order to carry out our contract with you.

Your data will be deleted from our systems after six months. Please contact us if you want to see a copy of the information we hold or have questions about our use of your information.

For a detailed explanation of what we do with your data, please see our privacy notice and policy.

The School reserves the right to use photographs taken during courses to illustrate its promotional material. If a student wishes that his or her photo should not appear in this material, they should write to the School within one month of the photo-shoot. These photos have no commercial or contractual value.

Information about the School

In these terms “the School” means The Edinburgh Experience Ltd. Courses at the School are operated by The Edinburgh Experience Ltd, with registered offices at 2 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JZ, company number SC635993.

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