CLIL and English language teaching Courses in Edinburgh

Explore exciting ways to develop both English language and CLIL teaching, take your English to the next level and discover the history and culture of Scotland.

English teaching and CLIL course


1 week + online preparatory course and feedback


£595 (includes visits)

Entry level



AM and PM


In person

What you will learn

Course overview

Coming from 5 generations of teachers, I passionately believe that teaching is the most important profession in the world, forming the cornerstone of our societies. While teaching English in Madrid, I saw that I had a great many teachers in my classrooms who quickly needed to improve their English to be able to engage in the CLIL method. I also saw that this pressure was creating a barrier to their learning, demotivating them, and causing them to question their professionalism.  I decided to create a course to improve communication in English, raise self-confidence and have teachers experience the CLIL method themselves so that they would be able to see how it could benefit their students.

At the heart of the course we feature in-depth discussion on topics like best practice, the differences between our educational systems, and how we can use technology to our benefit. We use cultural spaces as our classroom to experience the CLIL method first hand, taking you to Edinburgh’s most interesting places and creating a real need to use the language.Before you arrive, a five-unit online course gives you all the language and skills you need to prepare you for your trip, and to take your English to the next level.

Welcome to your unique 3 step learning experience!

Your time is precious and I know you don’t want to waste it doing more grammar exercises! That’s why I have designed a course which shows you how to improve your communication in English quickly and effectively, and makes sure that you maximise your time in Scotland.

Step 1 – Preparation

A five-unit online course will prepare you with all the language you will need to participate in our discussion sessions and visits, and to take your English to the next level.

Step 2 – Cultural & CLIL Immersion

Your time in Edinburgh will be spent activating your English through an exciting and carefully curated programme designed to get you communicating. This will allow you to experience the CLIL method as a learner.

Step 3 – Individual Tutorial

After your week in Scotland, we will have a one-to-one online tutorial to discuss your English and to design a study plan to develop your English moving forwards.

Taking your English to the next level

 Each of the five units on the preparatory course will teach you how you can take your English to the next level through a series of skills, language and pronunciation workshops. It covers key areas you need to be able to teach in English such as intonation, presenting information, and evaluating.


Completing the online preparation course means that when you are in Scotland, all your time will be spent USING your English and new skills. I will be your language facilitator and local tourist guide, applying my 16 years experience to enable you to improve your communication.

This exciting programme in Edinburgh will include daily discussions on a wide variety of fascinating and motivating topics which are integrated with our visits . You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you have learned into the CLIL method as both a teacher and a learner.

Our visits include:

  • Exclusive Robert Louis Stevenson and Edinburgh tour
  • The Georgian House
  • National Galleries of Scotland
  • Ghost tour
  • Exclusive Scotland’s Dark Past City Tour

Amongst many others! Download the brochure to see the full programme.

Meeting your individual needs

But your course doesn’t end when you leave Scotland! When you are back home, you will have a private online tutorial where I give you feedback on your English communication skills. You will receive a personalised future study plan based on your needs and interest so you can continue to make real progress in English and teaching.

What is included in the CLIL and English language teaching course in Edinburgh?

  • 20-hour face to face course tuition​
  • 5-unit asynchronous preparatory workshops ​
  • All entrance fees​
  • All activities​
  • 2-month access to the online course​
  • A one-hour individual online tutorial ​
  • Exclusive coursebook and welcome pack​
    Feedback and support on your English progress via your virtual classroom. 

When can I start?

My CLIL and English teaching course is running for one week only this year and is limited to 6 people so book your space quickly! The course takes place from the 4th –to 8th July, and you have access to the asynchronous course from 1st June.

If you are a group interested in specific dates, please contact me for availability. 

4th - 8th July 2022

Is this course for me?

  • Are you looking for something to inspire your teaching?​
  • Do you enjoy fascinating discussions?​
  • Do you love history and culture?​
  • Are you looking for a course with older participants?​
  • Do you like challenging yourself?​
  • Do you love discovering new experiences?​
  • Are you feeling stuck in your English and want to take it to the next level?​
  • Do you want to communicate more effectively in English?

Course details

Course delivery

In person

Entry level



£595 (includes visits)


5 days in Edinburgh + online course


AM and PM


Homestay or student residence available

Class size

6 maximum

Minimum age


Technical requirements

 Laptop or mobile device needed

Here's what people have to say about the cultural immersion course

“The approach to teaching is unique. Claire really cares deeply about every single one of her learners, which is amazing.” – Elke, Graz

“This is the best language course I’ve ever done. The entire course is perfectly organised. In addition to improving listening and speaking skills, it offers a splendid opportunity to know Edinburgh. Absolutely recommend. I don’t think you can study English in a better way than with Claire.” – Manuel, Sevilla

“It was the most enriching experience I have ever had. My language skills improved considerably. The perfect combination between cultural immersion and practical challenges made me put into practice the English language without thinking about grammar, vocabulary or phonics.” – Ana, Barcelona

“The course has an original, rich and effective learning dynamic. The content, oriented towards CLIL teaching, has been of enormous wealth. As if this were not enough, the course has been perfectly complemented with a program of cultural activities. It is something that has allowed us to open the perspectives of this course to its possible application, in an interdisciplinary key, to the different educational areas and subjects of the curriculum of our teachers and students”. – ERASMUS+ teaching group from Punta del Verde Secondary School, Seville


If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us.

My courses are designed for adults only and I have students aged between 30-70! But you can be sure that there won’t be any teenagers on your course.

The 5 unit online preparation course is available a month before your visit to Edinburgh, and our time together in Edinburgh is 5 days. You will have a further one hour private class when you return home.

You can pay a 50% deposit to secure your place, and full payment must be received 6 weeks before the start of the course.

If you cancel a course 6 weeks before the start date, you can receive 50% of your fees and accommodation, minus your deposit. If you cancel at any point 6 weeks before the start date of the course, no refunds are available for either course or accommodation. Deposits are non-refundable.

Yes! I work with homestay hosts and student residences to help my students find friendly and comfortable accommodation. The summer months are extremely busy in Edinburgh so make sure to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation as well as a personalised study plan.

Why should you choose my CLIL and English language teaching Course?

Immerse yourself in Scottish culture and excellent English classes

My courses are innovative, exciting and motivating and allow you to unlock the secrets to learning real English while discovering Scottish culture and history in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


of my students recommend me.

5 Stars

I have a 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.

English teaching and CLIL course

My courses will>

Connect you

I strongly believe that teachers are at their best when they have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas with colleagues. By taking part in the coure you get to connect with teachers from other countries.

Let you discover Scotland

Did you know that being interested in the culture of the language you study makes you learn it better? Fall in love with Scotland, enjoy a fantastic holiday, and experience the CLIL method as a learner.

Improve your confidence

I strongly believe that the number one thing stopping you from communicating effectively in English is your confidence. My course will make you a better English communicator, and get you to meet your language goals!

Have a look at what my students have to say

Since I started my English courses in Edinburgh back in 2012, I have welcomed students from all over the world. My goal is for you to have the best possible learning experience, and I am really proud of my 5 star Google rating. Here’s what my students have to say about my cultural immersion courses in Edinburgh and online English courses.

Have a truly unique learning experience

I’ll show you a new way to learn and connect through Scottish culture and history in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

culture edinburgh experience
About me Claire

Hi, I’m Claire!

With over 16 years experience (and counting!) in teaching English and Cambridge preparation courses, I can get you to your English goals. 

Join this course today

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