English in Action Online Course
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A course is designed to immerse you in the English language through culture everyday of the week from the comfort of your sofa.

English in action A2:B1


1+ weeks
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£60 per 4 week block

Entry level



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What you will learn

Course overview

Did you know that if you are interested in the culture of a language you will learn it better? 

My English in action course is designed to immerse you in the English language through culture everyday of the week from the comfort of your sofa.  

I carefully curate a weekly selection of authentic materials for you to interact with on my Scottish History course, as well as weekly reading targets in my Book group. To build your communication skills, there is a weekly pronunciation training class, and in my vocabulary building class you develop core vocabulary. 

Not only that, there’s a monthly skills and language workshop AND great self-study videos. By interacting with real English, you make real progress!

Course content

The mix of culture and language means you develop all 4 skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing. The difference with a regular English course is that you are going to be discussing fascinating topics in our Scottish history class, diving into some awesome books, learning skills and language to take your English to the next level, and unlocking the secrets to English pronunciation! 

English in action includes all of this!

Book Group – Wednesdays 5-5.45pm GMT: Each month you’ll delve into a new book. I give you weekly reading targets as well as a selection of articles, videos and podcasts on the book and author. And every Wednesday you get to practise your speaking skills during our fascinating discussion sessions.

Scottish History – Thursday 12-1pm GMT: Discover Scottish history and have amazing discussions on your lunch break! Each week I take you through a fascinating part of Scotland’s story while you learn vocabulary in context. You then have a specially curated selection of authentic materials to read, watch and listen to during the week plus a writing task on the topic. 

Monthly Language and Skills Workshop – Mondays 6-7pm GMT: Each month there is a live workshop session to help you with those parts of English which are particularly challenging! As well as language, we’ll also look at how to improve your skills and raise your confidence. 

Pronunciation Training Self-Study In each session I take you through a different feature of English pronunciation, from individual sounds to fluent speech. There is a weekly challenge with exclusive materials designed to get you working on your pronunciation everyday!

Vocabulary Building Self-study – Get the language you really need to be an effective communicator in English. My vocabulary lists are made up of high frequency words from an A2-B2+ level and you’ll discover excellent tools to help you learn.

Self-study Classroom – Here you’ll find videos on grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing and Cambridge exam techniques! It gives you the flexibility to study when it suits you, and you can ask me any questions via Google Classrooms.

A course that fits into your busy life

By mixing live and recorded sessions, you get the best of both worlds. You have the accountability you need, but you also have the flexibility to study at a time that suits your schedule. All live sessions are also recorded, so if you’ll never miss a class.

What is included in the the Online Unlimited English course?

Each week you will have a selection of short tasks to develop your English. If you don’t use your English, you lose it, so by doing a little everyday, you will be developing your fluency and language skills. The tasks are designed to take 15-30 minutes and include:

  • Reading targets for the Book Group
  • A core vocabulary list
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Scottish History authentic materials: articles, documentaries or podcast
  • Scottish History writing task
  • A Quizlet vocabulary card set
  • Speaking practice during our live sessions

When would you like to start?

My English in Action course is continuous enrollment. This means you can join at any time as we will cycle back to previous units.

Continuous enrollment

Who is this course for?

Are you bored of traditional English lessons and looking for a way to maintain your English? Are you passionate about culture, history and literature and love fascinating discussion? 

Then this is definitely the course for you! As well as keeping your English fresh, you will see a significant improvement in your language skills. Not only that, but the fun, engaging and inspiring classes will motivate you to take your English to the next level! 

Check out my student testimonial about this course

Play Video about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwvZoTvRWyA&t

Course details

Course delivery


Entry level



£60 per 4 week block


1+ weeks


(All times GMT)
Monday, (monthly) 6-7pm
Wednesday, (weekly) 5-5.45pm
Thursday, (weekly) 12-1pm


Hours per lesson

45 mins – 1 hour

Course start dates

Rolling enrollment. Start any time

Minimum age


Technical requirements

Laptop or desktop computer and reliable internet connection needed


If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact me.

My courses work on continuous enrollment and are based around a number of units on each course. We always cycle back to the beginning of the course so you will catch up with anything you have missed.

You need to have access to a computer, a reliable internet connection and a Google account, which is free and easy to create. I am happy to help with any technical questions.

I use Google Meet and Google Classroom.

All sessions are recorded, and you will have access to recordings for one month after the end date of the course.

All times mentioned are GMT.

I invoice in pounds; however, payments can be made directly by credit card through my secure online payment service, which will automatically calculate the correct exchange rate.

I ask my students to give us 2 week’s notice if they can no longer continue with their course. I will always send you a reminder asking you to confirm if you are continuing. If you tell me after the 2 week’s notice period, there is a £30 cancellation fee which you can use towards a week of classes.

Why not join one of my other courses? All English in Action sessions are included in the price of my exam courses.

Why should I do the English in Action course online?

Discover a new way of learning English!

You have invested a lot of your time (and I am sure money!) in getting your English to a good level, but if you don’t use it regularly, you will lose that precious investment. My English in Action course will not only maintain your English, but take it to the next level! The fascinating topics we cover will motivate you to keep going, and you get to be part of our amazing online community of awesome online learners. By engaging with the vocabulary and content in our live sessions, you’ll be ready to understand authentic English, and this exposure is what will help you make real progress!


Of my students recommend me. 

5 Stars

Check out my 5 star rating on Google and Facebook.

Online Unlimited English Course (B1 + level)

My courses are >

Personalised courses

I design my courses to match your needs, not a course book’s. That means that every class is specific to your English language goals.

A unique learning experience

By combining live and recorded sessions, you get an inspiring, engaging and motivating course which gives you flexibility to study when it suits you.

Online materials

All of your classwork is posted in the virtual Google Classrooms where you can find lots of fantastic self-study lessons and directly communicate with me whenever you need to.

Have a look at what my students have to say

Since I started my English courses in Edinburgh back in 2012, I have welcomed students from all over the world. My goal is for you to have the best possible learning experience, and I am really proud of my 5 star Google rating. Here’s what my students have to say about my cultural immersion courses in Edinburgh and online English courses. 

Hi, I’m Claire!

With over 16 years experience (and counting!) in teaching English and Cambridge preparation courses, I can get you to your English goals. 

About me Claire

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