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At The Edinburgh Experience, we believe in putting the student first. You are an individual with specific needs that a coursebook won’t always meet. That’s why we create our own materials, and make sure our course content is relevant to your language learning journey.
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When we first opened our doors in 2012, our mission was to create innovative and engaging courses to help our students reach their full learning potential. We have kept this at the centre of our methodology.

Our courses focus on helping you learn to communicate effectively, fluently and naturally in English, working on all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Why choose us?


We believe that one of the greatest things about learning another language is that it opens doors to other cultures too. So what better way to learn English than through Scottish culture?

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The best way to learn English is to DO something in English. That’s why we offer our Book Group and Scottish History courses, as well as a range of exciting summer cultural intensives where we integrate language lessons with afternoon cultural visits.

These help you improve your English faster and more effectively because:

  • Exposure is the best way to advance in a language
  • Engaging material helps you learn more
  • They allow you to see English used in authentic and natural ways
  • They motivate you to learn

Exam results

If you need to pass an English exam, you need a school who can deliver. Our pass rate for Cambridge and IELTS exams is consistently over 90% and we are an official Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre.

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As well as excellent exam tuition, you will have access to our online virtual exam classrooms where we have video tutorials for each part of your exam as well as self-study exercises. We also offer you the opportunity to take a practice test in exam conditions before you present which includes a speaking exam with a certified Cambridge examiner.

Self-study resources

All of your classwork is posted in our virtual Google Classroom. There you’ll find your course materials as well as useful resources. Here you can directly communicate with your teacher. We also have a self-study classroom dedicated to each exam.

Put exam skills in context

As well as taking you through your exam, your teacher will show you how you can use your new skills in real life. Our classes are 50% exam technique and 50% language development so that you can make real progress in English.

"It's an excellent language school, far from conventional schools, serving each student according to their needs and treating them in a special way"

Josefa Cortes


Our students are part of our learning community. Many of them study with us for more than a year, and become part of our Edinburgh Experience family.

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During the pandemic we began our Chat Mates programme, connecting our students with senior English speakers who were not able to socialise due to Covid restrictions. This allowed our learners to be able to practise their speaking skills in an informal, social situation, and connect with a member of the older generation.

We also run regular English language teaching courses where we run question and answer sessions with Scottish teachers in order to promote the sharing of ideas and professional development. Our commitment to lifelong learning sees us welcome many older students during our summer intensive courses.

Meet your team

A school is only ever as good as its teachers and we are lucky enough to have the best in the business. All of our teachers are highly qualified and have a minimum of 5 years experience.
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